Junior - Senior High Guidance Department
    Our program is based on the concept which views guidance as
    preventative and continuous rather than corrective and remedial. 
    Our goal is to address the needs of all children, not just those 
    who need specialized help. Services are provided to help the 
    students of Fort Cherry Jr. / Sr. High School adjust to and pass 
    through the physical, social, emotional, and academic 
    developmental changes that occur during the school years as 
    smoothly as possible. Developmental guidance aims for the 
    development of every aspect of the student's being to the 
    fullest potential for the benefit of the student as well as society.
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    Senior High School
    Guidance Counselor

    Mrs. Kristen Stimmell
    Phone: (724) 796-1551, ext. 2340

    Junior High School
    Guidance Counselor

    Mrs. Erin Wilson
    Phone: (724) 796-1551, ext. 2339