English 10 --All sections and AP Language and Composition

  • Welcome to Room 122 

    I believe that every student has the potential to become a confident reader, writer, speaker, creator, and problem- solver. To achieve this end, students will be engaged in learning to analyze complext texts, determine evidence, reason critically, and communicate thoughtfully.  Together, we will work to equip our students for academic and career readiness.  I expect students to take responsibility for learning.  Our class time is limited, therefore, I expect students to be prepared for class with required materials, engaged in the daily lessons, with completed class and homework assignments turned in on-time.

    Classroom Procedures:

    Room 122 is a NO CELL PHONE room.  Cell phones should be turned off and put away during instruction, while completing assignments, and during testing.  Chromebooks are to be used for class work when needed. Students are expected to be responsible which entails being on time and in their seats with their materials including textbook, notebook, Chromebook and charger, Close Reader and writing utensils brought to class daily.  All Fort Cherry Code of Conduct rules apply and will be enforced according to school policy.

    English 10 Grading Policy:  

    Grades will be determined by points assigned divided by points earned for each assignment or test, resulting in a letter grade on report cards.  I will explain the expectations and provide rubrics for major written assignments. Typically homework is due the day after it is assigned.  Projects and written assignments will have a due date assigned.  Completed work turned in late will receive partial credit.  Students who have an excused absence will have an equal number of days to their absence to turn in their work for full credit. Computer issues are not valid excuses for late as you are always able to use writing utensils and paper to complete assigned work! I expect students to strive for honor and integrity in their writing, and on tests or quizes.  If a student cheats on a test or quiz,  or plagiarises on a written assignment, they will receive no credit.

    AP Language and Composition Grading Policy: 

    Assigned work, including a wide variety of reading and writing process papers, will be given a date for which the work will be due at the beginning of the period.  Homework and process assignments (i.e. reading to be prepared for discussions, vocabulary, rough drafts, etc.) pertain to the lesson of the day, and therefore are critical components of this class. Computer issues are not valid excuses for late work.  You are always able to use writing utensils and paper to complete assigned work!  Writing will be graded 0-9 in accordance with the AP scale.  While students are not required to take the AP exam, it is strongly encouraged because it is the culminating activity of the course.  All students must take the practice exam in the spring (TBA) when administered.  This exam will receive heavier weight in the determination of your final grade for the course.  Cheating and plaigiarism will result in a zero for that assignment.

    *Full multi-page syllabuses will be distribed to all students on the first day of school.  If you would like an extra copy sent home, please contact me and I will e-mail it to you.


    Together, let's make it a great year of learning and achievement!