We are a great bunch!!! 
    With this plan, I will continue to teach, encourage
    and reward positive behavior.
    • Day 1 - At the beginning of the school year, the classroom rules will be taught and discussed.  These rules will be reinforced daily the first few weeks of school.
    Classroom Rules:
    1. Follow Directions. 
    2. Use kind words.
    3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    4. Raise your hand.
    5. Do your best.
    6. Remember the quiet zone.
    Behavior Plan:
    • A  board with each child's name will be displayed  (names will be on banana shapes being held by monkey cut outs. They will start each day in the green area on board.
    • 1st infraction - warning
    • 2nd infraction - banana moved to yellow caution area on board. Students lose 5 minutes free time.
    • 3rd infraction - banana moved to orange and 10 minutes of recess taken.  Student may bring home a homework reflection sheet to share with parents.  Student is marked "orange" in agenda for day.
    • 4th infraction - Banana moved to red area on board. Student may be sent to office.  Parent contact may be made via email, written note or phone.
    • Behavior color is marked in agenda every day to maintain parent communication.   I may also write comments in the agenda if I feel you need to be aware of a particular behavior that I'm observing.