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    The Ranger Emporium 

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    Conveniently Located by Cafeteria 



    All Lunch Periods


    Stop in Room 220



    We are so excited to offer our Brand:  The Emporium 

    The Emporium products are made of our own special recipes.  We use high quality, natural ingredients. 
    Many products include essential oils that promote well-being.
    All ingredients are marked on our labels and gift cards!

    We offer the following:

    updated    4 oz. Shea Butter Lotion $5.00

     update soap  




      4 oz. Shea Butter Liquid Soap $5.00


    final sanitizer   4 oz. Hand Sanitizer $3.00

    scrub   4 oz. Sugar Scrub $5.00

    lip   .16 oz. Lip Balm $1.00

    lemon   4 oz. Lemon Soap $2.00

    pine   8 oz. Pine Soap $5.00

    hair   4 oz. Hair Serum $4.00


    keychains    Fort Cherry Keychain $1.00

    wristband    Fort Cherry Wristband $1.00


    We are so proud to offer products from each of our Small Businesses:

    The Cleaning Crate

    Sunny Day Smoothies

    Kold Kup

    Shiny Shoe and Best Boot

    Super Slime

    So Soft Scrunchies

    Cozy Blankets

    Emporium Apparel

    Barks and Bubbles 







    Visit an extension of The Ranger Emporium at
    The Heritage Public Library in McDonald

    library updated