• Senior High Chorus
    Grades 9–12


    Course Description

    The Senior High Chorus meets five days each week.  Students in this class learn proper vocal technique, musicianship, and music reading skills.  In addition, the chorus members build appropriate rehearsal and concert etiquette while developing a sense of responsibility for their role in the larger group.  The chorus performs a variety of musical selections from a range of music genres, which includes unison and two-, three-, and four-part music.


    Students in this group, and all other FC choral groups, are required to attend performances outside the school day, including but not limited to winter and spring concerts and commencement.  These performances are a major part of the course grade.


    The prerequisite for this class is a successful audition with the teacher/director or one year in junior high chorus.


    Classroom Goals

    Students in the Senior High Chorus will work to become proficient in several skill areas.  Under Vocal Technique, students will learn proper singing posture, correct tone production, proper breath control, and precise diction.  Choral Technique includes dynamics, intonation, phrasing, balance, and blend.  In honing Music Reading Skills, students will work to become proficient in music symbols and terms and music notation.  Working on their Musicianship, chorus members will become familiar with music form, repertoire, and expression.



    Students will be assessed based on daily participation, teacher-made worksheets and tests, rehearsals, and performances.