• Homeroom / Encore

    Course Description

    The FC Encore ensemble is a select group of students that meets during the homeroom period to rehearse.  These advanced choral students are part of the FC Chorus, but rehearse additional music to expand their vocal skills and to further their knowledge of music.  Encore performs a variety of musical selections from a range of music genres, which includes three- and four-part music.


    Students in this group, and all other FC choral groups, are required to attend performances outside the school day, including but not limited to winter and spring concerts and commencement.  These performances are a major part of the course grade.  Encore students also travel to perform at local venues, including senior citizens centers and nursing homes.


    The prerequisite for this class is a successful audition with the teacher/director and one year in chorus.


    Classroom Goals

    Students in Encore will work to become proficient in the skill areas studied in senior high chorus.  Students will work to advance their proficiency in these areas by learning and performing music of a higher difficulty level.



    Students will be assessed based on daily participation, teacher-made worksheets and tests, rehearsals, and performances.