• The character of the month is...HARPER


    WHO IS Harper?
    Harper helps others.
     Be Harper...
    Helping Others is the ability to service others in school, at home, or in the community. It’s important because it helps increase a student’s self concept, behaviors, and connectedness in school and with each other. Helping one another creates an environment where everyone feels safe, secure, and part of a team.
    • Compliments
    • Doing or saying something to make others feel good
    • Helping with a math problem
    • Asking how a friend is feeling
    • Showing respect
    • Following school rules
    • Being independent and doing what is expected
    • Telling the truth
    • Being a good friend
    • Keeping classroom and school clean
    • Teacher
    • Police Officer
    • Counselor
    • Chef
    • Librarian
    • Firefighter
    • Social Worker
    • Lawyer