Daily Homework

  • Monday

    Every Monday, the students should have packed their Reading/Writing anthology so they can read the skill based selection.  The vocbulary, spelling, and high frequency word lists should be in their folders.  They should start to study their vocabulary words, being able to read the definitions as well as the words.  One Math homework practice book page will be in their folder.  Please check the page and initial it. Students should return it the next day.


    The Reading/Writing anthology will be brought home a second night.  Please review the vocabulary words, which are highlighted in yellow throughout the selection and shown with pictures before the reading selection.  Practice vocbulary enhancement by adding suffixes and endings.  For example, the word "success" can be grow into successful and then, "successfully."  Another example with the word "do", redo, undo.  Point out selection's genre and review the features of each genre.  (expository text shows facts, charts, photographs, labels, captions, paragraph titles, and so forth).  Math worksheet.


    A different and larger reading anthology will be brought home.  The reading selection will be slightly more difficult and will be used to identify the reading skills.  By this point in the week, we will have gone over the synonyms and antonyms for each vocabulary word.  For example, a synonym for afraid is scared and an antonym would be brave or confident.  Keep studying the spelling words.  Math again.


    Once again the larger reading anthology will be brought home.  We read and reread the stories.  The first time is to understand all the words. The second time is for the comprehension of the selection.  The third time is for fluency.  Last, it is for use of expression.  Test - Friday.


    Test Day for Reading!!  There will be two cold reads.  Synonyms will be used for the vocabulary words.  The vocabulary words will be transformed into new words with use of prefixes and suffixes.  Phonics skills will be transferred into new words.  If you know the word bug then you should recognize the word "slug" and "sluggish".  There will be a Selection test and a spelling test.

    Math will be tested upon completion of the chapters.  Please save and review the math vocabulary pages.  Math vocabulary will be on the math tests.

    Vocabulary and Spelling words for the entire year are sent home.  If something occurs that causes the absence of the words, please refer to this yearly list of words.  I am also providing you with a list of words that all second graders should recognize.