• It is important for children to develop self-discipline and good work habits, resolve conflicts peacefully, and think independently at an early age.  Each child will need some guidance in strengthening these skills and mistakes will be made.  I will encourage and nurture your child's growth with the following rules and policies:


    1.  Listening bodies:  I will listen and follow directions.

    2.  Raised hand:  I will raise my hand to share ideas.

    3.  Quiet mouths:  I will use a soft voice.

    4.  Walking feet:  I will walk in school to be safe.

    5.  Helping hands:  I will use my hands for helping and not hurting.

    6.  Caring hearts:  I will use kind words.

    Behavior Plan

     *Each child's name will be displayed on a butterfly on the board.  All butterflies will start each day around a GREEN flower.

    1st Infraction - situation will be discussed and given a warning

    2nd Infraction - butterfly moves to the YELLOW flower, the time-out chair may be utilized, and a loss of 5 minutes of recess.

    3rd Infraction - Butterfly is moved to the RED flower, the time-out chair may be utilized, and a loss of 10 minutes of recess.

    4th Infraction - Butterfly is removed from the board, the time-out chair may be utilized, a loss of recess, and parents will be notified of behavior through a note, e-mail, or telephone call. 

    If the students inappropriate behavior continues, the student will be written up and sent to the office.  A parent conference may be requested.  Student's behavioral issues will be marked on the daily behavior chart in their folder.  Parent contact may be made via e-mail, written note, or phone call.  Depending on the nature of the behavior, and the time out chair may be utilized for calming purposes.

    *Students behavior will be marked on a monthly behavior calendar found in their folder.  A green stamp means praise your child for a great day.  A yellow or red stamp means check their folder for a behavior note to see the behavior that needs improvement and sign & return the note.  At the end of each month, those students with three or fewer yellor and NO red stamps will receive a reward

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