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    All lunch money must be sent in a sealed envelope with the student's first and last name and lunch number.  The teacher's name is also helpful but not necessary if the other information is clearly marked.  Please do not send money without an envelope.  You can monitor your student's account balance online and send money in any increment at any time.  If you are writing a check, please make it payable to "Fort Cherry."  Electronic payments can also be made through our school website.


    Please be informed that your child is completely responsible for what he/she purchases.  Some buy extra drinks and/or desserts regulary and this is permitted provided they have money in their account.  Please discuss with your child what he/she is and is not allowed to purchase with his/her lunch fund.  It would be helpful to your child if you review the school menu with him/her when they are going to buy so they are aware of the food choices being offered.  


    Breakfast and Lunch menus can be found on the school webite:  fortcherry.org