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    Lunch Number

    Help your child learn his/her four-digit lunch number by quick daily oral practice.  This is the same number that will be used at the Library when checking out books.

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Encourage your child to practice printing his/her first and last names.  Please remember that they are to capitalize the first letters of their first and last names and all other letters are to be lowercase.  Model printing their name for them frequently so they have multiple exposures to the correct letter formations.

    Always encourage correct pencil grip -- POINTER ON TOP, THUMB ON THE SIDE, and ALL OTHER FINGERS HIDE

    Also, continue having your child practice printing and recognizing the numbers 1-10.  This will help correct reversals.

    Provide a visual for the alphabet.  Have your child practice saying the alphabet.  Make flashcards for the capitals and lowercase letters.  Use the flashcards to practice matching capitals to lowercase partners.


    Your child may be experiencing a variety of emotions about school.  Continue to offer reassurance by talking with him/her about these feelings.  You can provide ongoing encouragement to him/her by displaying a positive and upbeat attitude towards school.

    Becoming Independent

    Encourage your child to be more independent in the kitchen.  Have him/her help with carrying plates, setting the table with needed utensils, and with pouring drinks.  This will help them with building confidence in the cafeteria and should help alleviate anxiety.

    Show and Share

    Our days are very busy in kindergarten.  Please make sure your child keeps all of his/her personal toys and collections at home.  They will have the opportunity to share their treasures on announced show-and-share days.