• Menu Items May Change Without Notice.
    We are having issues with deliveries and availability.

    All "Meals" are FREE for ALL Students !!

    High School Menu

    May 16 - 20, 2022

    HS ONLY - Cereal & Pop Tart will be replaced this week with Yogurt and a choice of two: 
    Nutri Grain Bar, Trix Cereal Bar, Pop Tart
    Elementary Menu 

    May 2022 - updated 4/28/22

     Munchable -- Yogurt, Cheesestick, Celery, Fruit, Sunchips

    Packed Lunch Helper Program
    Students who bring lunch from home can pick items from our cafeteria to supplement their lunch for FREE.  They must pick at least 3 items (milk, fruit, vegetable, sides, or entree).