• Class Rules and Expectations:

       1. RESPECT and be polite to all people.  I want to treat you all as adults, allow me to do so.  Do not disrupt class; three disruptions will be a write up.

       2. Respect the property of others. Treat this classroom with respect.

       3. Bring all needed materials to class every day After four tardies you will be warned with a write up, five tardies will be a Saturday Detention.

       4. Obey all school and district wide rules.  No food or drink, and cell phones are to be turned off.  This is school district policy. This is your warning. If I see your cell phone, it will be taken and written up.

      5. If you miss school as an excused absence, you have the number of days you missed plus one to make up work.

      6. In the event you miss school, upon your return DO NOT interrupt me or my class time to ask what you missed. Get your missed work from the folder that corresponds with the day you missed, and copy the notes. After that is complete, you may come and see me during homeroom or before or after class.

      7. If you are caught cheating, your assignment will be taken and you will receive a zero. Be proud of your work! Work hard and you will be rewarded.