BE ON TIME—All students must be inside the locker room before the late bell rings or they are marked late. A warning is given after the fourth late and the parent is notified.

    BE PREPARED TO PARTICIPATE—Students must change before and after every class.   You may not participate in the clothes you wear to school and you may not attend classes in the clothes you wore for P.E.  The only exception will be 9th and 10th period ONLY if you are participating in a school sponsored extracurricular activity.
    Proper attire is as follows:
    SHIRTS – T-shirts or sweatshirts are permitted.  These may NOT display any form of vulgarity or offensive phrases or pictures.  Shirts may have no mention of drugs, alcohol or sex. (You will be asked to turn your shirt inside out).  Repeated violations will follow the school code of conduct. Tank tops,  half-shirts or crop tops are prohibited.  If you can raise your arms and your stomach is visible, your shirt is TOO short.
    PANTS – Shorts, sweat pants or spandex is permitted.  Shorts must reach the midway point between the hip and knee.  Cutoff jeans are not permitted.
    SHOES – Tennis shoes must be worn both in and outdoors.  No sandals, flip-flops, dress shoes or thick-soled “Sketchers” are permitted. All shoes MUST have an enclosed heel.  Slip-ons or strap backs are prohibited.
    BODY PIERCINGS/FALSE NAILS – If you choose to participate with them you are assume all risks!!!   Both of these are a hazard to yourself and others who you may come in contact with. Depending on the activity, I may make you sit out to guarantee the safety of others.   All body piercing MUST be covered with clothes, Band-Aids etc. Earrings may be uncovered but I will ask you to remove large hoops.  I recommend that you avoid nail -tips while you are having PE.

    BE CLEAN – Showers are not required but they are available ONLY if you have a towel and soap. You have ten minutes at the end of class to get clean, please use them wisely.  Please keep gym clothes clean and smelling pleasant as not to offend your teachers and classmates.

    Students will be given approximately 5 minutes to dress before class.  All dressing must take place in the locker room or shower stalls NOT in the restroom stalls.  These 2 stalls are for those who need to use the restroom.  If you need to use the restroom, use if BEFORE the class goes to the gym. Once dresses, all students will wait in the locker room until instructed to leave.
    Students not dressing for class should report to the PE office immediately with a writing implement to receive their assignment. Do not report to the gym without your pencil/pen and assignment.


    GRADING –The grading scale is as follows:

                180 to 162      90%
                161 to 144      80%
                143 to 126      70%
                125 to 108      60%
                Below 108      50%

    Each student starts the grading period with 180 points.  A loss of points will be counted as follows:
                EACH DAY NOT IN CLASS (FOR ANY REASON)       -1 POINT
                FINAL MILE RUN SCORE ABOVE 13 MINUTES      -10 POINTS  
    PARTICIPATION – *Any student coming to class without a WRITTEN medical excuse will receive a “NOT DRESS” for that day.          
                                        *Any student who plans to compete/practice in a school sponsored activity on a PE day must dress for and participate in class in order to be eligible.
                                        *Students not participating in class will be given a writing assignment to be completed during their class period.  Homework or studying for another class will be prohibited.

    ATTENDANCE – Any student missing more than six classes during the grading period will need to schedule make-up classes. You must take PE at least 30 times to avoid receiving an INCOMPLETE grade. Missed classes MUST be made up before a grade can be given.  Those missing classes because of extracurricular activities should take note of this policy. A student will not be excused more than one time in a week without scheduling a make-up class.  If you can’t make it up, you can’t leave.

    SKILL-Very little grading is done on skill level because of the wide variety of students, however, on some tasks that are performed on a daily basis, I expect to see improvement.  Grading is done primarily on ATTITUDE, EFFORT AND ENTHUSIASM.

    MEDICAL EXCUSESAny student with medical condition that affects their ability to perform normal PE activities must present a PHYSICIAN’S letter stating the condition and limitations.  A doctor’s excuse is required if the student must miss more than one week of PE.  Due to a state law requiring participation in PE a form will be sent/faxed to your physician so that he can prescribe activities to be completed in ADAPTIVE PHYSICAL EDUCATION.   (See Section Below)
    Students needing TOTAL inactivity for longer than 4 weeks may face the possibility of being rescheduled into a different semester class.  Any student who is ill on the day of class must have a written note signed by a parent stating the ailment.  This note is good for its issued date only and you are only permitted three parent’s excuse per nine weeks.

    JUST A REMINDER – Any student who is restricted from Phys. Ed. is also restricted from the school’s extracurricular activities for same period of time.  As long as they cannot participate in PE they may not march, cheer, play or practice.

    GENERAL—During class, jewelry and purses SHOULD be locked in the gym office for safekeeping.  The locker room will be locked during your class but many time groups are excused to change clothes and incidents occur. BE SAFE.  I f you own something too valuable to live without, don’t wear it to school.
    Lockers will be issued to students who would like one.  With only 94 lockers, I ask that you share with a friend.  Assignments will begin with seniors and work down to freshmen. Only COMBINATION LOCKS may be used and the numbers must be registered in the PE office.
    Do not use any other locker for overnight storage.  Too many other activities/groups use our locker room and too many people get valuables taken.

    ADAPTIVE ASSIGNMENTS –(REQUIRES A DOCTORS EXCUSE) Students who must miss more than 2 weeks of class because of a medical condition will be given an assignment under the guidelines of Adaptive Physical Education.  They may perform medically prescribed exercises in order to maintain their rehabilitation or they will be required to submit a written assignment on a topic of their choice as long as it has prior approval of the PE teacher.  This assignment will be used as the student’s grade; therefore the length and content of each assignment will vary depending on the duration of the medical excuse. Students who fail or refuse Adaptive Physical Education will be graded in the same manner as students who refuse to participate in regular PE class.