George Washington Picture
    Welcome to my webpage for seventh grade Civics! Civics is a social studies course with an emphasis on America's government. Some of the many topics we cover are diversity, citizenship, duties and responsibilities, the Constitutional Convention, our political influences, the Bill of Rights and other amendments, and great detail on the three branches of government.
    I intend to spend a good deal of time in the fall discussing and dissecting the Presidential Election. I believe that young people seem to be more into this election because of it's historical significance and also the abundance of information that is readily available to them. I'd like to watch and analyze some of the debates, teach/learn more about the candidates, and probably hold a mock election.
    There are also several projects (both group and individual) that we do throughout the year. One is a State Research Project. Another is a Presidential Profile. And near the end of the year, we do a large project where students create a fictional country with a government, laws, a flag, various maps, and other components of Civics.
    Also, throughout the fall, I often teach "Gridiron Geography." Whoever the Steelers play that weekend, we learn about the opponents city. I hope that the class is informative and exciting and if you ever have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email me at jwatson@fortcherry.org
    Also, attached is a detailed Chapter by Chapter (including individual Sections) summaries of what we'll be covering in class this year.
    Also, here is a link to the textbook website which includes Self-Tests and other interactive options to help you learn