What is Sociology? It is the study of human behavior. And so much more. In this course, we start off by learning the focus, founders of, and basics of Sociology. From there we explore a variety of topics. Culture, Nature vs Nurture, Socialization, Religion, Deviance, the Criminal Justice System, Race, Collective Behavior and Social Movements, Family and Marriage, and Aging our just some of the many topics we explore. There are several research projects throughout the year including one on culture, one on religion, and also "Deviance Reports," where one can research a notorious deviant and offer theories for why they became that way.We also spend a lot of time discussing and analyzing Current Events (they are due daily based on class seat) and often can apply Sociology to what's in the news. I think that you will find Sociology to be an interesting and thought provoking class and I always welcome feedback. Hopefully I can use this site to post class assignments and announcements.
    We have an awesome textbook for this class. It is new, sharp, and loaded with great information and pictures. I (and most students) particularly like the "Down-To-Earth" Sociology boxes that appear throughout. They're cool. Anyways...here is a link to the text website. It includes practice tests for every chapter in addition to flashcards, chapter summaries, chapter outlines, videos, and more. Check it out.
    Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach (MySocLab Series)