• Areas of Delay: Articulation, Expressive/Receptive Language, Auditory Processing, Fluency, Voice, and other related disabilities.
    Eligibility and Dismissal Process: Referral, screening, in-depth evaluation, IEP development, therapy sessions, on-going evaluations, and eventually dismissal.
    Articulation is sound production - These are the sounds that are worked on at each grade level if they are in error:
       Kindergarten - p, b, m, w, h, t, d, k, g, n, ng, y, f and v
       First Grade - sh, ch, j and l
       Second Grade - th, r, s and z and blends
    Language skills that can be worked on are grammar and sentence structures, vocabulary development and social skills.
    Auditory Processing is the student's ability to comprehend and process auditorily presented information.  It involves phonological skills, memory skills and cohesion skills.
    Fluency deals with stuttering behaviors.
    Voice deals with vocal cord and velopharyngeal incompetency.