• rules 
    It is important for children to develop self-discipline and good work habits, resolve conflicts peacefully, and think independently at an early age. Each child will need some guidance in strengthening these skills and mistakes will be made.  I will encourage and nurture your child's growth with the following rules and policies:
    Classroom Rules:
              1. Always do your best!
              2. Show respect to yourself and others
      • Follow directions the first time they are given
      • Raise your hand to speak (and wait to be called on)
        • Stay quiet while others talk
      • Stay in your designated area
        • WALK when moving from one area to another
      • Keep hands, feet, and all objects to self
      • Use kind words
      • Clean up after yourself
      • Remember to share

    Behavior Plan:
    • A  board with each child's name will be displayed. They will start each day in the green area on board.
      stop light   
    • 1st infraction - warning
    • 2nd infraction - name moved to yellow caution area on board
    • 3rd infraction - name moved to red area on board.  Student's behavioral issues will be marked on daily behavior chart in folder.  Parent contact may be made via email, written note or phone.  Depending on the nature of the behavior, the time out chair may also be utilized at this point for calming purposes.
    • At the end of each week, those students that have maintained great or near great behavior will be rewarded with their choice of reward coupon.