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    The purpose of any homework assignment is to reinforce concepts already taught in the classroom.  Homework is assigned daily except on Fridays. Incomplete or unsubmitted assignments will be completed by the student during recess time.  When the assignment is completed, he may go play.

    Your child is welcome, but by no means obligated, to bring in a treat for his birthday to share with the class.  Per school policy, please only non-edible treats.

    Some examples and suggestions when planning what treat to send:

    • Pencils or erasers
    • Stickers
    • Mini play-doh
    • Bouncy balls
    • Glow sticks
      **Only those in the actual classroom will be able to receive a treat at this time.  We currently have 16 in our room (including your child--who of course will want a treat too)
    If you would like to send party invitations to the students in our class,please decide whether you would like to invite all the girls/boys or the entire class.  I will be more than happy to allow the student to pass out their invitations either at the beginning or the end of the day.  If you are inviting just a handful of children or students from other classes, please send these invitations from home. 

    Lunch Money
    All lunch money must be sent in an envelope/baggie with the student's first and last name and lunch number.  The teacher's name is also helpful but not necessary if the other information is clearly marked.  Please do not send money without an envelope.  You can monitor your student's account balance online and send money in any increment at any time.  If you are writing a check, please make it out to "Fort Cherry."

    Please be informed that your child is completely responsible for what he purchases.  Some buy extra drinks and/or desserts regularly and this is permitted provided they have money in their account.  Please discuss with your child what he is and is not allowed to purchase with his lunch fund.

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