• What We Do in the Nurse's Office

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    We at  Fort Cherry believe that each child deserves to have optimal, individualized health care and maintenance.  We hope to accomplish this by providing the following health services on a regular basis.


    State Mandated Screenings


    School health screenings are set forth by the state and not by the school district.  They are as follows:

    1)     Growth – all grades

    2)     Vision – all grades

    3)     Hearing – grades K-3 and 7 and other children known to have intermittent hearing loss.

    4)     * Physical examination – original entry, sixth and eleventh grade.

    5)     * Dental examination – original entry, third and seventh grade.

    6)     Scoliosis (spinal curvature) – sixth grade (done during physical exams) and seventh grade.


    Parents/guardians are notified, in writing, of any failure of any screening.


    * You are encouraged to have these examinations done by the family doctor and dentist, as these professionals have a better knowledge of your child and are in a position to recommend immediate steps for care.  Documentation of these exams is required at the stated grade levels and the appropriate forms may be obtained on this web site or from the school nurse.


    Health Care


    1)     First aid for minor illness or injury.

    2)     Determination of a course of action for more serious conditions.

    3)     Referral to appropriate community agencies.

    4)     Administration of medications.

    5)     Individualized teaching as needed.


    Please keep your child’s teacher and the office informed of any changes in your daytime phone number in case your child becomes ill or injured during school hours.


    Record Keeping

    1)     Detailed health files are maintained for each child and are updated yearly.  Parents and guardians are responsible for notifying the school of any significant occurrences or changes in the child’s physical or emotional condition.

    2)     Information will be distributed as requested by parents/guardians or as required by law.