• Read ‘n Quiz Summer Challenge

    What is this all about? 

    A chance for students in Grades 1 through 6 (for school year 2019-2020) to earn a new bookmark every week during the summer.  

    Read ‘n Quiz is introduced in First Grade.  However, any Kindergarten students (for school year 2019-2020) who would like to give Read ‘n Quiz a try are encouraged to do so.  Please understand that this will require some parental help (about 20 minutes).  Please email Mrs. Tarentino to obtain a username, password, and instructions.    

    FCSTRONG bookmark

    What do the bookmarks look like?

    #FCSTRONG (above) is the first one.   Mrs. Tarentino will post pictures of upcoming bookmark designs on her school website (https://www.fortcherry.org/Page/1299).  Check the website frequently.

    How many points do I need to earn one bookmark?   

    Five points.  (FYI for Kindergarten students: You will need to pass 10 picture book quizzes to earn five points.)

    How do I earn these five points?

    Take quizzes using Read ‘n Quiz.  Here is our Read ‘n Quiz URL:  (https://www.fortcherry.org/Page/2438).  There is also a link to Read ‘n Quiz on Mrs. Tarentino’s website.

    I don’t have many books at home.  How can I find books to read?

    1. You can listen to audiobooks via YouTube.  
    2. You can listen to books read by teachers.  These videos can be found on Mrs. Tarentino’s school website (https://www.fortcherry.org/Page/1299).
    3. You can borrow books from the public library (Heritage Public Library, for example).
    4. If you have a Washington County library card, you can borrow ebooks via an app called Overdrive by Libby.  
    5. If you have a Washington County library card, you can borrow and read ebooks on your personal computer (no app required).

    How will I get the bookmarks?    They will be mailed to you. 

    How many bookmarks can I earn?    You can earn up to 10 bookmarks, one per week.  Just earn five points each week.   

    When does this challenge begin?   Right now!  Begin any time.  The Challenge Week begins on a Wednesday and ends on the next Tuesday.

    I’m in!  How do I join?    Just begin!  Mrs. Tarentino will review your points every week.  

    If you have any questions, email Mrs. Tarentino (mtarentino@fortcherry.org).  Happy Reading!