• Second Grade Team
    Mrs. Ellis-Lewis
    Mrs. Putt
    Mrs. Walker
    Welcome to Second Grade!  
    In this grade students grow and develop into great readers and thinkers!  
    We expect students to invest a lot of work into the foundations and building blocks
    of creative thinkers and problem solvers!  
    Our Daily Schedule is a busy one and we cover lots of academic ground this year. Students are responsible for their best work daily.
     Policies & Procedures
            Students are expected to:
    • Follow classroom and school rules
    • Be courteous and respectful to others including all adults/teachers/fellow students 
    • Complete all work to the best of their ability
    • Keep their desk and classroom organized and neat
    • Interact with other students and staff appropriately and in a respectful manner
    • All homework should be consistently completed, checked, signed, and returned daily 
    Teachers are always available by e-mail or may return phone calls during your child's unified arts time. Let's keep the communication lines open! Our goal is to work with the parents to create conscientious, responsible, organized, and successful students!
    The Second Grade Level utilizes the Fort Cherry School District grading scale as follows:
    A  100% - 90%
    B   89% - 80%
    C   79% - 70%
    D   69% - 60%
    F       < 59%