• Use of School District Facilities--
    The School District facilties, including gymnasiums, auditorium, sports fields, and cafeterias are primarily used for school activities; however there are times in which local community organizations may request the use of District facilities.  Any organization looking to utilize a District facility must apply for utilization, verify liability insurance, sign off on clearance records, and agree to fee payment.  
    To see facility availability, please check the Schedule Star Calendar Link--http://fortcherryrangers.org/main/calendar
    Any questions regarding rental fees, requirements, and/or scheduling may be directed to Mrs. Lori Cowden, Assistant to the Superintendent, at 724.796.1551 ext. 2421 or lcowden@fortcherry.org


    July - August

      Requests by: June 15



    September - December

      Requests by: August 15



    January - March 

      Requests by: December 15



    April - June

      requests by:  March 15