• Mr. Marquis  
    Jeff Marquis,  Transportation Coordinator
    jmarquis@fortcherry.org | 724-796-1551, ext 2343


    Mr. Marquis | Transportation Coordinator for the Fort Cherry School District
    Mr. Jeff Marquis, the Transportation Coordinator for the Fort Cherry School Districtmaintains a relationship between government agencies,  school  administration,  bus companies,  special needs transportation and most importantly parents and students.

    Born and raised in the Fort Cherry School District area, he is very familiar with local area and road conditions. Though the roads have not changed much in thirty some years, the traffic flow conditions most certainly have with the influx of local businesses, and the increased activity of oil, railroad, and trucking industries.

    There is a team of individuals that help make the transportation department function in the best possible manner. It starts with effective communication between the school district, safety officer, administrative assistants in each building, principals, and most of all parents and students. The information that is received is vital to operating safely and efficiently.

    Mr. Marquis makes himself available to answer any questions or help with any need that may arise. He can be reached at 724-796-1551 x 2343 or jmarquis@fortcherry.org.

    Bus Companies 

    Hickory Transport….724-356-7867

    Bish Transportation…724-796-4300

    Schneider Transportation…724-947-4500