• FCSD Facilities Department
    Mr. Jason Dorsch
    Director of Facilities 
    724.796.1551 ext. 2349 
    Our Maintenance Department strives to maintain clean, safe, and reliable buildings
    while remaining cost efficient and environmentally conscience.
    Maintenance Department
    Maintenance Personnel
     Brandon Degenkolb
    Tony Liebert
    James McDonald
    Dave Singer
    Building Custodians
    Michelle Colussy 
    Robert George
    James Iskey
    James Maga
    Doug McKay
    Robert Miller
    Building Cleaners
    Julie Greene
    Lori Keating 
    John Leitze
    Gaylynn Matyuf 
    Shari McDonald
    Debbie McNary
    Charles Spotti 
    Tom Sterling
    Mike Webb
    Liz Welch