• Fort Cherry Elementary Center

    The Fort Cherry Elementary Center (FCEC) is a 21st century facility designed to meet the education needs of the students of the Fort Cherry School District. Our school building consists of 34 classrooms with specialized suites for art, music, library, and computational thinking studies (tech lit and STEAM). The school is equipped with a standard-sized gym containing a hardwood floor, bleachers, scoreboard and PA system. The cafetorium consists of a full-functioning cafeteria with inhouse daily-prepared hot lunches and a generous stage for school programs.

    The Elementary Center is a school-wide Title I building with a department consisting of a reading specialist and math coach.  In addition, the District offers a full day kindergarten program with developmental programming as needed.

    The Elementary Center has pupil services which include learning support, emotional support and gifted programming through on-site classrooms, always incorporating inclusion (least restrictive) to the fullest extent possible.

    The Elementary Center is staffed with an Elementary principal, aelementary guidance counselor, full-time nurse, two main office secretaries, and two full time custodians (1 day/1 night).

    A significant number of our teachers hold advanced and multiple degrees, and share an overwhelming dedication to providing every child with creative, enlightening, and engaging educational opportunities to develop their academic skills and life potential.

    We have transitioned into the 21st century through the integration of a variety of technological resources. Each classroom has computer stations with Internet access. The Elementary Center has a main computer lab and a maker space completely furnished with laptops, robotics, and multimedia devices. Multiple mobile computer labs are available for use in the various classrooms. SMART Boards and projectors are stationed in all regular and special education classrooms. Teachers are consistently integrating iPad technology in the daily classroom instruction in grades K-6, with iPads available in the library for student usage. Also, teachers utilize a number of online resources to manage student data and curricula, including EdInsight (student data warehouse) and MMS (an innovative web-based program that allows parents to monitor their children’s academic progres).

    The Elementary Center remains committed to open communication and encourages parents to become actively involved in their child’s education through a close working relationship with their child’s teachers. The faculty and staff are dedicated to helping each child to become successful in an environment that enables all students to learn, grow, and achieve to his or her fullest potential. At Fort Cherry, the students are truly our first priority. We seek to identify the needs of each child and to continually revise the educational environment to achieve student success while expanding upon each child's abilities and talents.