Dear Parents/Guardians:

    This letter is intended to explain the requirements for Keystone Assessments in light of the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s moratorium. 

    As a PA School District, we are still required to administer Keystone Assessments in the areas of Literature, Biology, and Algebra.  In addition, your child and the district remain accountable in meeting proficient success on these exams.  Although the state has determined that students do not need to obtain proficiency on the Keystone to gain a PA high school diploma, each child must still demonstrate mastery of the academic content.

    Therefore, in order to meet Fort Cherry academic mastery, students must demonstrate proficiency for each Keystone assessment.  If proficiency is not met, mandatory remediation, Keystone retake, and/or success on a Fort Cherry aligned assessment/portfolio will be required.  On the reverse side of this letter, I have included the Fort Cherry Keystone Achievement Map.  This informational chart displays the testing and remediation sequence for each assessment area.

    Once again, although the State Department of Education has determined that Keystone success is not mandatory for graduation, each student is still responsible for demonstrating mastery of the content through success on the PA Keystone and/or Fort Cherry Assessment/Portfolio.  The priority of our assessment system is not to pass a test, but rather to demonstrate our students know and understand the content related to Literature, Biology, and Algebra.  This knowledge base will not only enhance additional learning, but create career ready individuals.  

    FC is striving to make all students successful and productive citizens beyond high school. 


    Dr. Jill M. Jacoby