• The children are our focus…working together is our method.



    The mission of the Fort Cherry School District is to create a learning community committed to providing our students with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to be productive and successful citizens in a global society.



    The vision of the Fort Cherry School District is to establish a collaborative community supporting, engaging, and challenging our students to develop a life-long quest for knowledge and success.


    Shared Values

    The Fort Cherry School District believes that:

    • Learning is a life-long personal journey supported through "whole child" development both at home and school

    • All students are capable of learning and share in the responsibility of their own growth and success

    • Collaborative partners in our educational process include all district staff, students, families, and communities

    • Diverse opportunities related to the arts, technological innovation, athletics, and extracurricular activities empower students to explore their talents and interests

    • Trust, compassion, and sincerity foster respectful and dynamic learning environments

    • Committed leadership; effective curricula and instruction; high expectations and rigor; and responsible utilization of resources enhance educational settings 

    • Optimal learning occurs when students feel safe, secure, and respected

    • Effective balance between educational needs and budgetary revenues drives responsible fiscal decisions