Kindergarten Registration

  • We are excited to welcome YOU to our RANGER FAMILY!

    Children must be five years old on or before August 31 to enter kindergarten in our District.

    Below is a step-by-step guide for registering your child for kindergarten.

    Step One:

    To get started, the District requires the following information to complete your child's registration. 

    Please begin by gathering the items listed below:

    • Your child's birth certificate
    • Two Proofs of residency (lease/rental agreement/mortgage statement; automobile registration/insurance card; utility bill; pay stub/ACCESS card)
    • Photo ID of Parent/Guardian enrolling child (Driver's License or Identify Card)
    • Copy of your child's YTD Immunizations as required by law (must be a copy from Health Care Provider)

    You will be asked to upload these documents...a scan or picture (jpeg or the like) will upload.

    Step Two:

    The District requires that several documents need to downloaded, completed, and returned to the District.

    (You may return these documents by scanning and attaching to email, send through the US mail, or drop off to District Offices.)

    District address is: 110 Fort Cherry Road, McDonald, PA 15057.


    Return the following completed forms to Mrs. Linda Spinden, Elementary Center Nurse,

    1. A completed physical examination form (form provided in the online registration packet, must be completed by your pediatrician/family physician) 
    2. A completed dental examination form (form provided in the online registration packet, must be completed by your dentist)

    If your child has already seen a doctor or dentist IN THIS CALENDAR YEAR, please have the medical professional complete these forms and upload them to the online registration portal. 

    RESIDENCY FORMS (forms only need to be completed if you answer "YES" to either question below):

    Forms may be downloaded from the online registration packet.

    Return the following completed forms to Mrs. Carol Staley, District Registrar,

    1. Are you a parent/guardian who is renting/leasing without a written agreement? (No Lease Agreement Form will need to be completed)
    2. Are you a parent/guardian who is living with a Fort Cherry Resident in a multiple occupancy situation? (Proof of Residency Form will need to be completed)

    Step Three:

    Complete the online registration packet. 

    You will begin by creating a login on our Student Registration Community Web Portal:

    (Web Portal address--

    (1) CLICK ON CREATE a NEW ACCOUNT--you will be asked to enter your first and last name; working email address; desired password and a security question/answer. 

    (2) Once you complete this step, you will be directed to verify your email address.  Check your email for a message titled: Community Web Portal Student Registration Account Email Confirmation

    (3) Verify your newly created account through sent email and you are ready to begin the online registration process. (It is very important to remember your newly created password--you will need to enter your email and password each time you enter the registration portal.)

    CLICK HERE to be redirected to our online registration portal.

    As part of the online registration process, you will be asked to upload birth certificate, verification of residency, immunizations, and health forms.  You may scan the documents using a copy scanner, take a picture with your phone, or use the scan option in the notes app to create an image of these documents.  Please call the District if you need assistance.

    Any questions about the registration process can be directed to Mrs. Carol Staley at or 724.796.1551 ext 2418.