• Hello,

    Welcome to my teacher page. My name is Mrs. Alicia Shea. I am one of the Reading Specialists here at Fort Cherry Elementary Center.  I work with students in a small group called Reading AIRE; whether Days 1-6, Days 1-3, or Days 4-6, we focus on the pillars of English Language Arts. 

    The four foundational pillars of ELA are:

    • reading
    • writing
    • speaking
    • listening

    We touch on these pillars in several ways.  In our AIRE class we read texts and/or articles.  When we read, sometimes it is out loud, with a partner, or independently.  We write about what we have read.  We make connections to ourselves, the world, or other texts.  We speak about our reading when we discuss comprehension questions, or when we make predictions.  We listen to others when they speak, and ask our own questions.