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Grades K-6 Become Certified Kind


Choose Kind


At the start of the school year, Mrs. Risacher and her K-6 AIRE groups decided to try and complete the Choose Kind Challenge in order to become a "Certified Kind" classroom.  It was one of their goals that they chose to tie into their Bucket Filling school wide positive behavior program to reinforce the act of doing kind things naturally.

The class began in the middle of September by putting a pom-pom into the jar every time a student in the AIRE groups "choose kind" naturally.  No students were prompted or asked to do things that earned a pom-pom.  Everything accounted for in our jar is what the students did independently, as their own choice, that was witnessed before, during, and after class by Mrs. Risacher.  At the beginning of January, the class officially filled their jar, took a picture, and sent it in.  Mrs. Risacher's class was officially "Certified Kind"  received a banner to hang in their room. 


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