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March 22--Update for Flexible Instruction Days

From:     Dr. Jill Jacoby, Superintendent
Date:      March 22, 2020
Re:          Flexible Instruction Days as a Coronavirus Response


Happy Week #2 Fort Cherry Families

We will begin our second week of FID days.


As a reminder, please sign-in your child or have your child sign-in by using the Google Attendance Form.

The attendance form link is
A separate form must be completed for each child. 

If you are unable to submit the FID Attendance Form, please email your child’s name, grade, homeroom teacher, attendance status (in attendance or absent) to the following:

  • Elementary Students (K-6): Mrs. Tami Goddard,
  • Jr/Sr High School Students (7-12): Mrs. Jodi Partozoti,

If you are having problems, you can also call 724-298-8061.


Any child is able to obtain a free lunch/breakfast box.  Lunch/Breakfast Drops will run a little different this week.  

We will be holding lunch drops on Monday-Wednesday-Friday this week.

Each child will receive 2 lunches/breakfasts on Monday and Wednesday.

We are working to be mindful of Governor Wolf’s request of social distancing.  This new schedule will allow us to minimize social contact for our families and employees.

Pick up remains at the same locations from 11-12:

  • Center United Presbyterian Church in Midway
  • Hickory United EPC Church in Hickory
  • McDonald Presbyterian Church (parking lot behind Trinity Center)


HIGH SCHOOL--The teaching faculty is working to tweak their lessons to account for online/independent learning of content and material.  In addition, we are still in a transition from face-to-face to online learning.  So, please bear with the teachers as they work to improve the learning experience for your child.

Also, please be flexible with grades on Vision, we are working through our online grading procedures.

Once again, if you or your child has questions, every teacher is available from 10-2 each day. If you are unable to reach a teacher or do not hear back within that school day, please contact Dr. Craig at or call 412-568-3096 or 724-298-8061.

ELEMENTARY—Mr. Mayer and the Elementary Teachers have been working on creating another set of 10 day packets (March 30 – April 10).  Although PDE and the Governor Wolf have not extended the current quarantine, we would like to be proactive and prepared if an extension does happen.

In order to gain access to all of our students and hand out the new set of packets, we will be running an Elementary bus run in the morning one day this week—this is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, 3/25/20.  Once that day is confirmed, you will receive a call to confirm date, time, and directions.

In general, we will ask for someone (even your child) to be at your child’s morning bus stop at the regular pick up time.  We will have an adult on each bus handing out individualized packets.  If you are unable to send someone to the bus stop, we will make arrangements for your child to receive their new packet.

Please email Mrs. Goddard ( Mr. Mayer ( more information.


  • If your child is in need of health service support, please email the appropriate school nurse for assistance:
    • Elementary Center, Mrs. Linda Spinden,
    • High School, Mrs. Debbie Cowden,
    • If you are unable to gain access to email, pleasecall 724-298-8061, you will be connected to a school nurse.  
    • If you are calling about a true medical emergency,call 911 immediately.
  • If your child is need of additional academic support and/or mental health assistance (and it is NOT a crisis), please email Ms. Dawn Smith, dsmith@fortcherry.orgor 724-298-8090.

However, if your child is experiencing a mental health crisis which needs immediate assistance, please call one of the following:

(1) Emergency Line at 911
(2) Washington County Crisis Line, 877-225-3567
(3) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800-273-8255
(4) Safe2Say, 844-723-2729

  • If your child is in grades 7-12 and needs assistance regarding a chromebook issue, please email Mr. Dave Zoeller at   Zoeller will have office hours by appointment only.  If you are unable to gain access to email, pleasecall724-298-8061 and you will be connected to a tech support person for assistance.

We are so appreciative of all the kind words, messages, and social media posts we have received over the past week.  As many of you have stated, FC was on the cutting edge of being able to educate our students in a crisis situation.  It takes a team and FC has a great team of learner centered educators and staff members.

Thanks for being understanding, supportive, and flexible during this time…we know that being a “homeschooling” parent is not easy…but our FC Parents are ROCKING IT!