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Fort Cherry School District

Attendance Protocol

Fort Cherry School District Attendance Protocol

Fort Cherry School District's Attendance Policy was revised in July 2022 to better reflect Commonwealth law.

Here is a video description of the changes:
For all absences, the policy requires that, for excusal, a written excuse is sent to the building within five (5) days of the child's return to school. Written excuses may be submitted in the following ways:

  • Written note submitted to the school.
  • Emailed note to the building secretary.
  • Complete the Absence Form in the Sapphire Community Portal.
  • Have a medical note emailed or faxed to your child's building.
    • Elementary: 724-356-2770
    • High School: 724-356-2769

After ten (10) total days of absence (for any reason), medical documentation will be required to excuse any future absence.

Unexcused Absences

Any absence for which a note is not submitted or is deemed not to meet the requirements set in policy is coded as unexcused/unlawful. The graphic below details the process for addressing unexcused/unlawful absences.

Attendance Contacts

Mrs. Tami Goddard
Elementary Secretary
Office: 724-796-1551 x 2000
Mrs. Jodi Partozoti
High School Secretary
Office: 724-796-1551 x 2327
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