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Fort Cherry School District

Intra-Curricular Programming

Concert Band - This course will provide a student the opportunity to play a musical instrument.  Students will be taught a wide variety of musical techniques including: phrasing, breathing, and tonguing (legato and staccato).  This program is to provide the student an opportunity to become acquainted with the ever-growing field of symphonic and pop concert music.  An effort will be made to present all types of music in order to elevate the student’s understanding of the aesthetic, historical and theoretical aspects of instrumental music. Participants in concert band must be members of the marching band.

Marching Band – The season begins with band camp that begins in early August.  All students (with the exception of late transfer students) must attend band camp. Students must have been in concert band in sixth grade to participate in marching band. The marching band performs at parades, football games, band festivals, pep rallies, as well as other community events.

Chorus - This course focuses on tone quality, intonation and proper vocal technique.  Students will study basic music theory and learn to sight read melodic patterns using solfege.  This chorus will perform a variety of musical literature at the Winter and Spring Concerts.

Encore Ensemble - This non-credit course is designed for the advanced singer.  Students must be in Concert Choir for at least one year to be eligible for Encore Ensemble.  Students will audition demonstrating correct vocal technique and advanced music reading skills.  This course will give the student experience with literature of many genres, music theory and sight-reading.

FCTV – Is an internal, closed-circuit TV production that feature Morning News telecasts. Production skills to be used in the day-to-day activities include writing copy, shooting appropriate video, trimming scenes, mixing and dubbing music and narration and the finished product to all available video formats.
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