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Fort Cherry School District

Clearance Information

Clearances for Employees/Volunteers

Act 153 defines volunteers as any adult coming in direct contact with children.
All volunteers who are subject to background check clearances are required to re-certify their clearances every FIVE years.

Act 153 requires volunteers to obtain the following clearances:

Criminal History from the Pennsylvania State Police:  
Go to There is NO CHARGE for requests for the purpose of volunteering. When you visit the website, click the yellow box "New Record Check" (Volunteers only).

Child Abuse History Clearance from the Department of Human Services:  
Apply online at
     1. Once you create an account, you will receive an email with your password.
     2. Log in to the website and complete the clearance application. There is NO COST for volunteers.
     3. Verification can take up to 14 days and applicants can choose to receive notification via email, mailed to their home address, or both.

FBI fingerprint-based federal criminal history submitted through IdentoGo

EMPLOYEES (if you are a volunteer, please follow the instructions below for "volunteers"):
     1. Applicants MUST register online (go to and click on the blue box at the right top of the page that says          Get Fingerprinted).
     2. Select a fingerprinting Service by State.
          1. TIP: there are numerous outlets to process your fingerprints.  One of the closest locations to FCSD is: IdentoGO   7225 Steubenville Pike, Oakdale, PA  15071
     3. Select digital fingerprinting.
     4. VERY IMPORTANT - PDE Employee Service Code: 1KG6XN
     5. Select Schedule or Manage Appointment
     6. Accept the terms and then fill out requested information click NEXT.
     7. You will be asked to choose a location and an appointment time.
          1. Applicants must provide proof of identity upon arrival at the Fingerprint Center (a state issued drivers’ license, state I.D card, passport, etc.) and a credit card. NO CASH IS ACCEPTED AT SITE.
          2. After being fingerprinted, applicants must provide the district with their UEID number at the top of their receipt. The district will then obtain the original clearance via the website.
VOLUNTEERS (if you are an employee, please follow the instructions above for "employees"):
        There are two ways volunteer applicants can register for a fingerprinting appointment:
             - Online: Go to
             - Telephone: Call 1-844-321-2101 and listen to the options menu
           - VERY IMPORTANT - DHS VOUNTEER Service Code: 1KG6ZJ

Act 24 
An Act 24 form shall be completed and submitted to the District by all current and future employees, and "direct" volunteers.  In addition, this form shall be used to provide written notice within seventy-two (72) hours after an arrest or conviction.  This form can be downloaded at Act 24 Form

Mandated Reporter Training 
A Mandated Reporter certificate must be submitted to the district for all employees and volunteers with "direct" contact with students (volunteers including but not limited to field trips, coaching, chaperones...) Mandated Reporter Training link.

There is no charge for Mandated Reporter training.  If you are new to the site, please click on the "Registration" tab in the upper left corner of the page to begin.

All paperwork must be submitted to Mrs. Pam Staley, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, before permission to volunteer is granted.  Mrs. Staley can be reached at 724.796.1551 ext 2421 or [email protected]

Links to Paper Forms

Can be used for volunteer positions where the volunteer has lived in PA for greater than 10 years and has submitted both the PA child Abuse clearance and PA Criminal background check.
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