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The purpose of homebound/instruction in the home is to keep a child on track academically while he/she is temporarily out of school due to an "urgent necessity," which is usually accompanied by a medical disciplinary, court ordered recommendation.  Homebound/instruction in the home is a District supplied instruction for a limited time.  The District must evaluate each homebound/instruction in the home case every three months and may be required to receive PDE approval to continue a homebound/instruction in the home longer than 90 days.

More information can be found at PDE Home Bound Instruction / PDE Instruction in the Home
Home education (also known as homeschooling) is the process whereby a child is educated at the direction of their parent/guardian and/or such person having legal custody of the child or children.

Restrictions include:

 - Proper documenation is required to be submitted to District of Origin
 - The supervisor of the home education program must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Example include such things as a diploma awarded by a home education supervisor after October 31, 2014 or a diploma awarded by an approved diploma-granting organization (Act 196 of 2014); successfully passing the GED tests and/or receiving a Commonwealth secondary school diploma (22 Pa. Code § 4.72).
 - All adults living in the home and persons having legal custody of a child or children must not have been convicted of the criminal offenses itemized in 24 P.S. § 1-111 (e) within five years immediately preceding the date of the affidavit.

Documents required for Home Education are:

 - Notarized affidavit required (cost)
 - Evaluation required for students in grades 3, 5, 8
 - State-recognized diploma available
 - Right to borrow textbooks and other curricular materials
 - Right to participate in extracurricular activities
 - Dual enrollment possible, at the discretion of the school district
 - Supervisor of the home education program needs a high school diploma or its equivalent
 - Additional information may be found at PDE Home Education Website

Education for Homeless Youth
Pennsylvania's Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Program was established to make sure homeless youth have access to a free and appropriate public education while removing barriers that homeless children face.  Its goal is to have the educational process continue as uninterrupted as possible while the children are in homeless situations.  If you are or know of a child who is homeless, go to your nearest school for help.

Fort Cherry School District Homeless Liasion is Mrs. Amy Oberly.  She may be reached at 724.796.1551 ext. 2000 or [email protected].

For more information about PA Homeless Education, please visit PDE Homeless Education

If you believe Fort Cherry has overlooked a situation, you have the right to complete the following complaint form, PDE Complaint Form regarding Homeless Education.  In advance, we ask that you speak to a Fort Cherry Administrator before filing the complaint.
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